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卡梅伦宴请富豪 每人收5万英镑入场费

 卡梅伦宴请富豪 每人收5万英镑入场费



A billionaire playboy and a Russian oil tycoon were among dozens of mega-rich Tory donors who dined with David Cameron and his party pals this summer, explosive new documents reveal.

A list published by the Conservatives today named more than 40 donors who paid at least £50,000 to attend “Dinners with Dave”between July and September.

They included Alexander Temerko, the energy tycoon wanted in Russia on fraud charges, and billionaire art dealer James Stunt, whose wife Petra is the daughter of Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone.

The group has given the Tory Party a monster £17.4million since 2010.

Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Ashworth fumed: “David Cameron leads a party with an ever-greater reliance on big money from a small number of mega-rich donors. Ministers’ dinner dates with donors are boosting Tory coffers.”

The revelation comes as political parties prepare to publish the latest batch of donations on Thursday. It is expected to show that Tory finances were swelled further by cash from some of the richest men in Britain.

But the party offers special privileges to anyone who pledges at least £50,000 a year. It buys access to the elite “Leader’s Group” of donors, who are invited to dinners with the Prime Minister or other top Tories.

This summer’s dinners were attended by the most senior Tory ministers. The Tories were tonight battling claims that the dinners are used by rich backers to try to influence party policy.

Since coming to power, the Coalition has slashed the top rate of tax for society’s richest, while cutting corporation tax repeatedly.

Mr Ashworth raged: “The Tories are wining and dining the very millionaires given a tax cut by this Tory-led Government.”

The list names 41 men who dined with senior Tory ministers in the summer after they or their firms coughed up the £50,000 required. No women were on the list.

Among the diners was Mr Stunt, 32, who made billions of pounds from gaming, shipping and mining.

Russian oligarch Mr Temerko appears on the list twice, suggesting he may have attended more than one dinner over the summer.

He has personally donated £265,230 to the Tories since 2010, while his wind farm firm Offshore Group Newcastle has given £220,425.

Other big names on the list are Lord Ashcroft, the billionaire Tory peer who has bankrolled previous election campaigns, and Sir John Hall, the ex-chairman of Newcastle United Football Club.

The Tories, by far the wealthiest party, trouser most of their cash from super-rich donors. Labour receives a large portion of its money from trade unions, with some from private donations.




其中包括被俄罗斯以欺诈罪通缉的能源业巨头特墨科(Alexander Temerko),以及亿万身家的艺术品商人詹姆斯·斯汤特( James Stunt)。斯汤特的妻子佩特拉是一级方程式赛车(F1)老板埃克莱斯顿( Bernie Ecclestone)的女儿。


工党的影子内阁办公大臣乔恩·阿什沃思( Jon Ashworth )对此表示震怒:“卡梅伦领导的保守党越来越依赖于少数捐款巨头,通过‘部长-巨头晚宴’获取的捐款已成为保守党的重要财源。”









自2010年以来,他以私人名义捐款26万5230英镑,他的风电场公司Offshore Group Newcastle捐款22万零425英镑。

名单上还有亿万富翁保守党贵族阿什克罗夫特勋爵(Lord Ashcroft),他资助了保守党的竞选运动;以及纽卡斯尔联足球俱乐部前任主席约翰·霍尔爵士( Sir John Hall)。