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  Commissioning 试车

  Single-pass, shell-and-tube exchanger 单程管壳式换热器

  Immersion electric heater 插入式电加热器

  Maintenance 维修,保养

  Plugging 堵塞

  Ball is Type 316 stainless steel with an abrasion-resistant coating and the seat is satellite 阀芯是


  Desiccant 干燥剂

  Moisture analyzer 湿度分析仪

  Dew point analyzer 露点分析仪

  Needle valve 针形阀

  Dilute caustic solution 稀释的碱液

  Carbon Raschig ring 石墨拉西环

  The strength of the caustic 碱液浓度

  Demister pad 破沫网

  Preliminary inspection, installation, testing and commissioning of vessels and equipment 容器和


  Hydrostatic testing 静态水压试验

  Pipe spool 短管

  Utility 公用工程

  Instrumentation 仪表

  Clearance 间隙(如阀)

  Relief valve 安全阀

  Emergency Shutdown(ESD) 紧急停车


  Remove trash, scale, and water 清除垃圾、铁锈及水分

  Blowdown 吹扫(爆破吹扫)

  Suction discharge line 吸入和排出管线

  Metering orifice 测量孔板

  Restriction orifice 限流孔板

  Valve’s transducer 阀门的传感器

  In-line filter 嵌入式过滤器

  Coalescer (燃油水分)凝聚过滤器

  Steam Jacket 蒸汽夹套

  Split-ranged control 分程控制

  Cascade the upper combustion air flow controller to the oxygen analyzer controller 将上部空气


  Stroke 冲程(泵,压缩机等采用活塞式)

  Copper erode 铜片腐蚀

  In local-automatic(manual) control 单回路自动(手动)控制

  Sulfureted hydrogen (Hydrogen sulfide)硫化氢

  Preventive maintenance schedule 定期检修(维修)安排

  Vibration 震动

  Pyrophoric 自燃的

  Two block and bleed assemblies in the inlet and outlet lines 在进出口管线上的隔离三阀组 Flare 火炬

  Relief header 泄放总管

  Wafer-type Spring-type 薄片式和弹簧式

  Hydrochloric acid and chlorine 盐酸和氯气

  Intermittent 间断的

  Flooded bed 冲塔

  A siphon breaking vent 虹吸排放 Educt 倒吸

  Isolating the relief gas header from the line to the knockout drum and flare 将泄放总管与火炬


  Apparatus 器械

  Kerosene 煤油, 火油

  Steam trace (加热)蒸汽管道,伴热蒸汽

  Exothermic 放热的 Endothermic 吸热的

  Attrition 磨擦, 磨损

  In situ 在现场,原处

  Standby 应急备用

  Block the manual valve downstream of the Chloride Valve 关闭注氯阀下游手阀

  Evacuate 泄放,抽真空

  This is to prevent the cooling catalyst pulling a vacuum on the tower这将防止冷却催化剂对再生


  Dryout 干燥

  Vents Drains instrument taps (气相)出口、(液相)出口,排放点、仪表接头

  Close the blind in the catalyst line between the bottom of the reactors and the Spent Catalyst

  Isolation Valve 将反应器底部与待生催化剂提升管线用盲板隔离

  Tie-in 管道的接头

  Test for adequate resistance to ground 接地试验

  Thermal expansion 热膨胀

  Light the pilots 点燃长明灯

  Backpressure 背压

  Hose 软管

  Vice versa 反之亦然

  Check valve 单向阀,止回阀

  Manifold 歧管, (多)支管, 集合[集气, 进气]管, 总[导]管, 管线[道], 集流腔

  Swing the spectacle blind above the valve to the closed position 将阀上8字盲板转到关的位置 Turnaround 运转周期

  Stress corrosion cracking 应力腐蚀裂纹

  Warrant 1、to need or deserve;2、to promise that something is true;

  Affinity 亲和力,吸附力

  Sweetened 脱硫的

  Scavenger 净化剂

  Irritant 刺激性的,刺激物

  The operation of any unit processing gases containing H2S remains safe provided ordinary

  precaution are taken and the poisonous nature of the H2S is recognized and understood如果采取一般性的预防措施并认识和了解到H2S的毒性,任何加工含H2S的工艺是安全的

  Fresh air mask(gas mask) 防毒面具

  Artificial respiration 人工呼吸

  Technical advisor 技术顾问

  Safety harness 安全带

  Sump 污油罐

  Piping and instrumentation diagram(P&ID)仪表管线图

  Scaffolding 脚手架

  Line flushing 管线冲洗

  Effluent treating system 污水处理系统

  Benzene Toluene Xylene([????????])and heavier aromatics 苯、甲苯、二甲苯和重芳


  Detonation 爆炸

  Equipment evaluation 装置标定

  Isomeric [??????????] 异构的 Normal 正构

  Centrifugal [?????????????] pump 离心泵

  For air cooler: No. of Bundles No. of Passes No. of Tubes per Pass Slump [?????]catalyst extra catalyst added to the top of a radial flow reactor to

  compensate for bed settling during operation

  Equivocal [??????????] 意义不明确的, 模棱两可的, 可疑的

  Sock loaded density 装填密度

  Quantitative [????????????] 数量的, 定量的

  Qualitative [???????????] 性质上的, 定性的

  Raffinate [?????????] [化](石油)残油液, 剩余液

  Corrosion inhibitor 缓蚀剂

  Feed effluent [????????] exchanger 进料/产物换热器

  Natural/force draft 自然/强制通风

  PDRC (pressure differential recoding controller) PRC TRC LRC

  A snuffing steam 消防蒸汽

  Soot blower 吹灰机(加热炉上)

  Damper 烟道挡板

  Reciprocating [??????????????] or centrifugal

  compressor往复的/离心的压缩机 [?????????????]

  Gasket 垫片

  Bolt nut washer 螺栓、螺母、垫圈

  Rotational [????????????] equipment 动设备

  Condensate must be drained manually as it forms to prevent steam hammering为防止蒸汽液击,一定要手动彻底排凝。

  Flushing (装置)冲洗

  Critical speed 临界转速

  Surge 喘振

  Snubber [??????] n 缓冲器

  Boil-out 煮炉

  Flue gas 烟道气

  Sour gas(water) 干气(酸性水)

  Water is injected into the inlet piping of the HCR effluent cooler which is upstream of the HCR Cold High Pressure Separator (CHPS) to remove any ammonium bisulfide salt which might form. Positive-displacement type pump 往复泵

  Catalyst fouling 催化剂结垢

  Vacuum gas oil(VGO)减压瓦斯油 Deasphalted oil(DAO)脱沥青油

  Trip 联锁起跳

  Switch the rundown routing of all products to slop 将所有产品从正常馏程切换到不合格产品

  A gradual temperature increase is usually called an excursion. A faster, rapidly accelerating temperature increase would be called a runaway. 温度慢慢升高经常称为偏离。快而加速温度升高被称为“飞温”。

  Hydrostatic or Pneumatic Testing of Piping System 管线系统的水压及大气试压

  Chemical Cleaning and Pickling 化学清洗及酸洗

  Chloride stress corrosion cracking of austenitic stainless steel 奥氏体不锈钢的氯应力腐蚀 fluid catalytic cracking 流化床催化裂化

  hydrocarbon cracking 烃裂化

  hydrogen cracking 加氢裂化; 氢压下裂化

  non-coking thermal cracking 非结焦热裂化

  thermal cracking 加热分裂(法), 热裂化; 热裂解

  Thermofor catalytic cracking 移动床催化裂化

  Safe refinery practices and procedure 炼厂的安全规章及制度

  Strainer 滤网

  Refractory 难控制点、难医治的、耐热的(耐火材料,如加热炉内部)

  Recycle compressor Knockout drum 循环压缩机入口分液罐

  Pinch valve 限位止档阀(用于高压气相循环回路上以防止全部关死)

  After the feed pump is operating smoothly, introduce feed to the reactor and quick increase the

  feed rate to at least 50% of design rate within 3-5 minutes. This initial feed rate was selected to ensure that the heart release due to oil adsorption is quickly quenched by “cool” oil behind the adsorption wave, and to avoid channeling.(注意和以前所说的最小流量开始有所不同)。

  For 1/2-1 hour after initial feed in discontinue long loop circulation and route diesel to slop oil

  tankage to remove catalyst fines from the system.(注意在最初进料是不能采用长循环)。 Adsorption exotherm 吸附热

  Interface level 界面、界位

  Sock/Dense load 稀相装填/密相装填

  Skimming 撇头(催化剂)

  A liquid-phase sulfuring process 液相预硫化

  Amorphous/Zeolite 无定形/分子筛 copper Zeolite Y铜Y型沸石 silica-rich Zeolite 高硅


  Gasoline/Kerosene/Diesel 汽/煤/柴油

  Single Stage series 单段串联

  cobalt/molybdenum or nickel/molybdenum oxides on a porous alumina carrier 以多孔氧化铝为


  Fixed bed 固定床

  High kerosene smoke point and diesel cetane number 高的航煤烟点和柴油十六烷值 Noble metals 贵金属

  Asphalthenes 沥青质



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